Monday, November 21, 2016

White Moustache and Inertia

"Everybody continues to be in the state of rest or uniform motion..." his daughter, who is in seventh class, was mugging up the Newton's laws.
'Hey, it's not everybody, it is every body' he shouted as he was having his shave in front of the mirror. Unless he shows his Physics prowess at least once in a day he'd not get his night's sleep- thought his wife from the kitchen.
'why is it not everybody, pappa?' asked his daughter with curiosity.
'because, Newton's laws applies to only inanimate bodies and not to human beings', he said as he came to her study, wiping his face with the turkish towel.
'hey pappa, your white mousche has grown thicker?'
Hearing this, his wife came there asking, 'oh, you have not removed it today also. How many times should I tell you it doesn't look nice on your face?'
'But how can I have it on somebody else's face?' he tried to joke and evade the issue.
'Enough, it's dripping from your face!' remarked she and went back to continue with her morning chores.
'What is dripping pappa?' asked his daughter innocently. It's not a Physics question to show his brilliance. It's a idiomatic usage in their vernacular, where 'it' denotes stupidity. But he managed his daughter's question by asking, 'have I not wiped the foam fully from my face; do you also find it dripping?' Ashamed of his reply, he could feel it dripping now.
He left the the stubs, salt-only-no pepper, unshaved on the upper part of his lips for a couple of days under the pretext of an acne that was showing up below the nose. But somehow, he later was tempted to grow into a moustache since it reminded him of his boyhood days. Once it becomes a full thick one, I'd colour it black- he thought.
But no one was tolerant of this new development either at home or at office. It's after all his mousch, why should he care about what others say, think or feel about it.
But the last one week had really been literally a struggle defending his new move. He had to answer many people around him. His boss was more concerned. After five days he remiinded him whether his acne is still persisting. He was not this concerned even when he was down with typhoid and didn't turn up to office for a week.
One more day of ordeal at the office. Work was no big deal. But dealing with the people who came out with various advice on his mousche was really annoying which he had to put up with a smiling face, because they all came wearing a well-intentioned garb. His boss started looking at him as though he was mentally sick.
Next morning he entered the bathroom with a firm determination. And there he came out with a clean shaven face. His wife saw him and beamed a broad smile, as though with a pride of a woman who saved her husband from the brink of a disaster. His daughter cheered him, 'pappa, today it's not dripping' and went back to her mugging up, 'ever body will continue to be in the state of...
He mused- Newton's law applies to people as well, but with a small difference: everybody will continue in the same state and if he or she tried to change the state, all the external agencies will unite together bring them back to the original state.

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